Welcome to GLOMIDCO, a leading IT integration specialist with over fifteen years of experience in the field of business-and-IT alignment through enterprise systems integration.

As enterprises find themselves in ever-increasingly dynamic and global business environments, they start to depend more and more on IT capabilities. Nowadays, the expectations of enterprise IT are high when it comes to enhancing business agility, as organizations aim to respond to changing business conditions in a timely and flexible manner. Because of these dynamics in the business conditions, organizations need to be able to perform changes in their IT applications as often as changes in their volatile environments occur.

On top of that, the nature of information has changed in the past decade, being increasingly networked, digital and coming in huge volumes (big data). This leads to many organizations drawing the conclusion that obtaining data from a single source is no longer sufficient: there is a high need for information integration.

Do you recognize this development within your organization? Then you have come to the right address! GLOMIDCO consists of a large team of driven integration specialists. We thrive because of our outstanding ability to enhance your enterprise’s IT and business agility and to enable you to keep on innovating. We do that by leveraging the use of enterprise application integration, APIs, Cloud integration and business-intelligence-ready information flows!